About Liz

Liz’s interest in “healthy living” has been a lifelong commitment. Involved in sports since childhood, it was a natural decision to graduate college with a physical education, health and coaching degree.

She became certified in personal training (ACE) so she could help others realize their full potential through cardio exercise, balanced nutrition and weight training. These three elements are the essential ingredients in helping her clients succeed in their own commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Through motivation and positive encouragement, Liz helps her clients understand the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle. Empowering people with the ability to take control of their future through healthy living, is a goal she hopes to instill in each of her clients.

In early 2012, Liz found a lump in her breast that she had checked out. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately endured two surgeries to remove the lump and the tissue surrounding it. She completed a 6 1/2 week radiation treatment plan and is so excited to be 100%. Liz is a fighter with a positive attitude and outlook on her life. Through it all, she continued to work out regularly for herself and without fail, worked to motivate her clients in their own regular workouts. Liz’s positive approach and dedication to herself and others is such an inspiration to us all. She is an amazing woman with a huge heart who will do everything she can to help you reach your goals.